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SenKay Books is a proponent for teaching culture and diversity to young readers through books that are filled with stories and faces they can identify with.

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What readers are saying:

My girls were so excited to get this book in the mail, they were so happy to hear a story about a little girl just like them, with hair just like theirs! We read this story on our YouTube channel, The McNamara Family Channel! This is a nightly read before bed!

- Keighty M

I LOVE this book, I will be getting it for all the little girls in my life. Representation matters, and Yesenia really out did herself with this kids book. I also love her natural hair tips book. Definitely worth every penny!

- Nat T

"Mommy Do My Hair," by Yesenia Hernandez is a unique children's book that utilizes rhyming words to teach about hair. The illustrations capture various hairstyles. I love how the character embraces her beautiful hair texture. The character is excited about wearing her hair in multiple hairstyles. I enjoyed the book. I look forward to more books from the author.

- Jessica M

I love this book!! Yesenia did a phenomenal job at bringing light to the beauty of being a young girl of color with curly hair. Healthy representation of our youth of color is very important for their future. It was so cute to see her characters excitement to try many styles highlighting her curls and all of it beauty.

- Amanda C

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